The world’s largest solar power plant with 298 km2 is named  Gonghe in  Tsingh province of the Tibetan Ridge. It’s about five times bigger than the current Manhattan region (New York City). 42 Chinese solar companies have already installed 3450 MW capacity in the territory of this facility. Solar panels are so large that the Chinese media has already given the name “Blue Ocean”.

According to official data, Gonghe solar power plant will be able to produce enough electricity to meet the energy needs of 2.5 million people in China’s five Chinese provinces and autonomous regions – Kinghay, Gansu, Shanxi, Ninjia and Sinjiang. The areas of these five regions are estimated at 3.08 million km2. The Solar Garden includes the Longyangxia power plant, which was recognized as the world’s largest plant last year. It consists of 4 million panels, the total volume of which is 850 MW, which can provide electricity to up to 200 thousand families.





















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