The construction of the second section has been completed in China’s Jinan city, which will take place in the coming days. Last September, Qilu Transportation Development Group completed the construction of the first solar panels in the city of China. The construction took 10 months․ Тhe road would be equipped with 660 m solar panels. As a result, “Solar Way” will be able to charge cars right in the traffic.

Currently, the construction of the second “Solar Way” project is over, which runs through the Jinan Express, with a total length of 1, 6 km. The road consists of three layers. The upper layer is a “transparent concrete” with structural properties of the asphalt. The second layer is the solar panels. The lower layer consists of thermal insulation materials that protect against solar panels. The road will be strong enough to confront even large vehicles, such as medium sized trucks. Project engineers note that they will soon be able to integrate into the wireless charging function of electric vehicles, which will work directly at the motion.

The first such path appeared in Normandy (France) at Turwir-o-Persh. Coating can resist not only passenger vehicles, but also heavy trucks. Despite the $ 5.2 million move, the French authorities are planning to extend the scale of the project and install solar panels across the country.

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