A solar farm covers an area of ​​approximately 16 football fields.

Chattanooga Airport in the US state of Tennessee began to operate exclusively on solar energy. “Big think,” writes about it.

A 2.74-megawatt solar farm was built specifically to power the airport. It covers an area equal to approximately 16 football fields. The system generates enough electricity to power about 160,000 light bulbs. This energy is accumulated in batteries, which allows you to generate electricity even without constant sunlight.

“We are proud to set an example of using renewable energy for other airports and businesses in our region,” said Terry Hart, President and CEO of Chattanooga Airport.

Chattanooga is not the only airport operating exclusively on solar energy. The first in 2015 was the Cochin Indian Airport, which produces 29.5 megawatts of solar energy to service 10 million passengers a year. And in the Galapagos, Seymour Airport is powered by wind and solar energy.

As Focus writes: Scientists have proposed turning the subway tunnels into huge “air conditioners” that can provide heating and cooling for thousands of nearby homes.

Researchers at the American Chemical Society have come up with a new “green” source of energy — fungi coated with cyanobacteria.

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