During a recent conference call on the financial results of the past quarter, Tesla founder Elon Musk talked for a long time concerning the Tesla Energy energy business, which should catch up with the company’s main automobile business in terms of revenue in the future (in the past quarter, their automobile business brought $ 5.353 billion income,and the energy – $ 402 million). And the first steps towards achieving this ambitious goal were not expected for long. Last weekend, Tesla introduced the new generation of the revolutionary Solar Roof sun roofing. This is the third generation of Tesla tiles, which has not yet received wide distribution, despite expectations of the manufacturer. But perhaps this time Tesla will succeed in capturing the roofing materials market.

The third generation of Tesla Solar Roof surpasses previous versions in power density (alas, the company does not provide exact numbers). Besides, the number of components in the tiles was halved, thereby reducing production costs compared to the second generation. Elon Musk assures that in 80% of cases, installing a Solar Roof will cost less than a traditional roof with solar panels purchased separately.

Frankly speaking, the same Tesla said about the first and second generation of tiles. But the new tile, which is not only cheaper and more efficient, also seems to be a much more suitable option from the point of view of ease of installation and the time needed to complete the work initially,Tesla will carry out work on installing Solar Roof sun roofing on its own, but sometime later it will begin to attract other contractors. Ultimately, installing a Tesla Solar Roof will take only 8 hours. This sounds impressive because it usually takes about a week to complete the work. In this case, we are talking about a kit for an average house with an area of ​​about 185 m2 and a capacity of 10 kW. It will cost about $ 34 thousand, taking into account the compensation for installation of solar batteries.

Tesla also plans to sell Solar Roof tiles in several versions which look like different types of traditional roofing. But so far, only one Solar Roof variant is available, resembling black glass. The company plans to add one new design every 6-9 months.

Solar Roof tiles slightly concede in efficiency to conventional panels, but the sacrifice is justified not only from an aesthetic point of view. Since the tile covers the entire roof area, this has almost no effect on the total output. The warranty period is 25 years.

Let’s not forget that in August Tesla launched an affordable solar panel rental service in the USA with free installation and paid to dismantle.

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