Arthur Alaverdyan
Founder of solar panels manufacturing company, SolarOn: the first and only solar panel manufacturer in Armenia

«De Facto » N 142 ( 03/2018)

Mr. Alaverdyan, you are one of the businessmen in  whose business ideas the promotion of  the development of their own country has an important place. Interestingly, what prospect of development do you see for our country by investing in renewable energy?

-Today, the world is embarking on the creation and implementation of innovative technologies that have become an important guarantee for states to gain economic development and independence. We have a wonderful country, which is rich in natural resources, whose effective and purposeful use, through the introduction of innovative technologies, can contribute to the economic development of our country and the quality of life of our people. One of these awards is the solar resource, one of the most powerful sources of renewable energy, which can become the basis for achieving energy independence of Armenia. I see this perspective clearly and believe that by 2030, we will achieve that goal. Having this vision, I founded the first solar panels production in Armenia. I also want to note that I welcome and highlight the liberalization program of  Armenia’s energy market steps taken by our state for the development of renewable energy, which are a legislative basis for the development of the sector.

-Why production, but not import of  ready solar panels?

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