The Swedish company Eco Wave Power (EWP) has begun testing a hybrid solar-wave power station, writes New Atlas concerning the message of the enterprise. It should be mentioned that in 2012 EWP introduced a system for collecting wave energy – it has already been installed in Gibraltar (the rated power of the station is 100 kW, but next year they want to increase it to 5 MW, which will be 15% of the energy consumed by the British overseas territory) , and one is also being built in the port of Jaffa in Israel (the initial rated capacity of the Israeli station will also be 100 kW).

The solution uses existing infrastructure, for example, breakwaters and piers, and therefore, according to engineers, it does not require significant investments.


Now the company decided to modify the existing system, starting to install solar panels on wave floats. In a statement, the company said that the innovation will increase power generation without increasing the size of the system and the additional costs associated with the purchase or lease of land for installing solar panels. Besides, the surrounding water will naturally cool the panels, so that their productivity will not fall because of the heat.

EWP has filed a patent application for the invention and has already begun testing the innovation. If the tests are accepted as successful afterwards, the company plans to modernize the installation in Gibraltar, as well as immediately mount solar panels on floats in the port of Jaffa as the power station is built (by the way, the Israeli system currently consists of only one buoy).

The EWP website points out that the minimum wave height at which their system begins to generate electricity is 0.5 m.

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