EnergyTrend’s advisory firm has published a forecast for solar energy development in 2018. According to analysts, about 106 GW of solar power plants will be created in the world this year, which is slightly higher than before. According to EnergyTrend, for the first time in 2017, more than 100 GW of solar energy was used. In China 52.83 GW of solar power plants were installed, and there was never such a large-scale development. The US is the second with 12 GW. The third place was occupied by India, which installed the solar power plants by 9.26 GW, passing through Japan (6.09 GW). The Pacific region in solar energy field has a share reached almost 72 percent in 2017.

According to EnergyTrend, in 2018 China will launch a smaller solar power plant with a total capacity of 46.7 GW. At the same time solar energy recovery is expected in Europe. In the second half of the year it is planned to complete the construction of large power plants in France, the Netherlands and Spain. Additionally, on September 30, 2018, the so-called “minimal import prices for solar modules”, the European customs restrictions will end, which will make Europe a more competitive market.

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