A test station was built and now is opereting on SolarOn’s territory which enables accurate a monitoring of up to 16 photovoltaic panels. The panels can be of different sizes and powers. The purpose of the project is to carry out work and production study of photovoltaic panels in natural conditions. And for this purpose the technology of micro-inverters is used to allow individual data from each panel.

At this moment 60-cell panels, labels and peak results are being tested. Thus, as a result of the preliminary comparison, for exemple, in Armenia we can say that 249 WT solar panel produced by Solaron developed a peak power of 249 WT. he Chinese Resan Company solar panel with 250 WT developed a peak power of 230 WT. Although the difference in nominal capacities is only 2%, the difference in peak power is 8%, and the difference in maximum electricity produced over an hour is about 10% of the value produced by Solar Panel.

Further, it is planned to continue testing with 72-cell panels and compare with other products.

Author: Karen Vardanyan