Electricity prices, combined with the use of solar power plants and energy storage, can almost compete with the so-called gas-powered products. Analysts believe that in the USA in 2027 power plants with a capacity of 10 GW will not be operated. They will be used during the highest energy consumption period. Moreover, no single power plant will be built after 2020, which will be replaced by “pure” energy.

Jim Robo, the head of NextERA, has stated in 2015 that after 2020 gas power plants will disappear from the market. And this despite the fact that energy saving systems cost twice as much as the electricity from the solar stations was generally 30-50% higher. Shelley Khan, the head of GTM Research, states that in 2018-2027 plans to exploit power plants at 20 GW, but at present 10 GW can turn into energy saving systems. And after 2025, according to Kakhan, it will stop to build gas stations in general.

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