According to the IHS Markit consulting firm, the solar power plants with the total capacity of 11 GW will be commissioned in Europe in 2018, PV-magazine reports.

Compared to the average dynamics of the last five years, it has recorded a significant increase in the market. It should be reminded that in 2016 in Europe has been built 6.7 GW, and in 2017 – 8.6 GW photovoltaic production facilities. According to IHS Markit, in 2017 two-thirds of newly constructed stations are divided into five countries – Turkey, Germany, France, the Netherlands and Great Britain.

Analysts predict that in 2018 Spain will become one of the leaders in the market where the solar energy rebirth is expected. According to PV-magazine today, 24 GW solar powered solar projects are being discussed. Additionally, more and more investors are considering options for building solar power plants in Spain without subsidizing. According to IHS Markit, this year Spain will be the fifth largest market in Europe․ Germany, Turkey and France are leaders.

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