Mid-size maps for Armenia

This set of maps is optimized for on-screen presentations (e.g. PowerPoint, Web, etc.) and for letter page printing (A4 format or similar). The maps are provided in the loss-less PNG format, with the approximate size 1 to 4 MPix.

    Photovoltaic electricity output                 Global horizontal irradiation                       Direct normal irradiation

             156 x 203 mm                                                 156 x 203 mm                                                     156 x 203 mm                                                                 

Poster maps for Armenia

Maps provided below are high resolution, ready-to-print image files, which you can print in poster-size formats. We recommend high quality fineart printing on semi-glossy paper. Alternatively, consult your local printing company for other printing options and materials (foam boards, solid boards, stickers, etc.). The files are provided in the loss-less TIF format with the approximate size of 100 MPix.

           Photovoltaic electricity output                            Global horizontal irradiation                               Direct normal irradiation

                         1000 x 1000 mm                                                                       1000 x 1000 mm                                                                     1000 x 1000 mm


GIS data Armenia

Solar radiation and other parameters are provided as raster (gridded) data in two formats: GeoTIFF and AAIGRID (Esri ASCII Grid). Data in both formats is equivalent, you can select one of your preference. Data layers are provided in a geographic spatial reference (EPSG:4326), resolution (pixel size) 30 arcsec (nominally 1 km).

Provided data layers include longterm yearly average of:

  • PVOUT – Photovoltaic power potential [kWh/kWp]
  • GHI – Global horizontal irradiation [kWh/m2]
  • DIF – Diffuse horizontal irradiation [kWh/m2]
  • GTI – Global irradiation for optimally tilted surface [kWh/m2]
  • OPTA – Optimum tilt to maximize yearly yield [°]
  • DNI – Direct normal irradiation [kWh/m2]

For your convenience, solar paramters are provided as:

  • LTAy_DailySum – longterm yearly average of daily totals
  • LTAy_YearlySum – longterm average of yearly summaries

Both type of data are equivalent, you can select the summarization of your preference. The relation between datasets is described by simple equation:
LTAy_YearlySum = LTAy_DailySum * 365.25

For more information and terms of use, please, read metadata, provided in PDF and XML format for each data layer in a download file. For other data formats, resolution or time aggregation, please, visit Solargis website.

Data can be used for visualization, further processing, and geo-analysis in all mainstream GIS software with raster data processing capabilities (such as commercial ESRI ArcGIS products, open source QGIS and others).

Source: Here.