World Solar Challenge – A 3,000 km race across Australia is one of the most prestigious solar car races. The event takes place every two years, it was first launched in 1987 and it is expected that a 1000-watt electric car will be able to travel from Darwin to Adelaide in 50 hours. A team from the Netherlands with the Green Lightning solar automobile became the leader of the first day, showing a record time at the initial stage in the Hidden Valley Raceway on Saturday, October 13th.

The competition involves 40 student teams from different countries, including Australia, Sweden, the Netherlands, Japan and the United States. Each electric car must be completely autonomous and move solely due to the energy of the sun.


On average, solar cars move at a speed of 90-100 km / h. Each day of the race begins at 8 am and ends at 5 pm. For an overnight stay, participants build camps and cars are driven on public roads. Electric cars must have only one driver on board. All cars have design features and compete in three different categories: Challenger, Adventure and Cruiser. Especially it is worth mentioning the Cruiser class – these are electric vehicles that are quite adapted to travel in ordinary urban conditions.

A car can use only energy from solar modules for its drive. Each participant can charge his battery no more than 5 kWh before starting, it is not allowed to replace the battery during the race.

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