Shell Oil and Gas Corporation is going to build a solar power plant by 20 MW in the south of the Netherlands. An object, consisting of 50,000 solar panels, will be deployed in Shell Moerdijk, the largest petrochemical company in Europe. Generated electricity will be directed to the needs of plant.

As Shell Dutch Branch President Marjan Van Lun noted, “We are trying to limit emissions by expanding energy efficiency of our processes and investing in new energy technologies at the same time”.

Shell New Energies Business Vice President Mark van Derwen said: Shell recognizes that solar energy will play a greater role in tomorrow’s energy systems. This project shows that we have great opportunities to develop different solutions and deliver attractive commercial projects”.

In the future, the company plans to equip its solar power plants for other businesses. It is very active in renewable energy. Today, it is getting more and more involved in solar energy, for example, in its own project to build a 250 MW large solar power plant in Australia.

Source: here.