Germany is ready to abandon nuclear production by increasing the volumes of wind, biomass and solar energy production. Accordingly, for the German energy sector 2018 began with a very symbolic record. On January 1, 95 percent of the country’s electricity needs were retrieved by renewable energy sources. The almost complete transition to the 83 million country that day took “pure electricity”, of course, only a few hours after which the German electricity returned to its usual state.

In 2017 nearly 33 percent of Germany’s electricity was supplied through the sun, wind, biomass and hydroelectric power. It grows year after year. As a comparative, let’s note that in 2016 it was 29%. “We have reached a situation when the electro-system begins to dominate renewable systems”,  says Patrick Graichen, Executive Director of the Berlin Analytical Center at Agora Energiewende, who announced a new record. “Absolutely obvious winner of renewable energy,” – said Stefan Kapferer, CEO of the Federal Energy and Water Supply Associations (BDEW), summarizing results of last year. He also noted that if renewable energy continues to increase production at the same pace and level, it will be the first in 2018.

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