We think of massive photovoltaic power plants when we think of power purchase agreements (PPAs). The model may also work on a small scale, however.

With an urban lighthouse scheme, the Sonneninitiative association and the Marburg municipal power company, Stadtwerke Marburg, now wish to demonstrate this. The facade of the local radiology center at the main train station in Marburg will be fitted with a 50 kW photovoltaic facade framework.

This is made possible by a long-term PPA between the Sonneninitiative alliance and the Marburg utility signed on Thursday.

The charges for the PPA will be refinanced by Stadtwerke Marburg by the selling of renewable energy to the building’s radiological practice. This, owing to its devices, has a very high power consumption.

Not only can the photovoltaic facade device produce energy, but it should also be architecturally appealing. It will be fitted with custom-made monocrystalline solar panels for the entire south-east and south-west facade. Also, curved modules are necessary because of the rounded corners. The proposal was designed by the architectural office a.p.l.-plaehn and lüdemann architects from Hanover.

The project seeks to explain how in the future, all available places can be used to produce electricity in the city without disturbing urban aesthetics.

It is planned that the installation of the photovoltaic facade system will take place in the winter months, with completion scheduled for spring. In the project, interested investors can still participate, said the organization. Participation is close to that of the 300 or so public solar parks set up by the organization Sonneninitiative since 2004.

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