GTM Company conducted a poll during the conference on the topic of “Greentech Media’s 2017 Energy Storage Summit”. In response to the poll, the vast majority expressed an opinion that energy accumulators will replace gas peak power plants sooner or later.

Almost 63% of respondents think that it will perform this function for more than five consecutive years before the storage systems are presented more frequently than gas turbines that perform high-powered operations. 36% of respondents believe that it will take place earlier.

GTM experts believe that the four-hour power unit will start to compare with the gas turbine for four years (LCOE), and by 2026 it will be cheaper in all cases.

The respondents believe that in 2022, many energy companies will include energy savings in their long-term investment projects. At the same time, 20% of respondents predict that the share of such enterprises will make 81-100%.

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