OFF-Grid Solar Systems

OFF-Grid systems are an obvious alternative for the consumer of electricity in the absence of a legislative base for power transmission to the network. Nevertheless, these systems also have certain advantages over ON-Grid systems, first they can work in the absence of a network or serve as a backup source of electricity in case of accidents, and secondly, in some cases they can give the consumer a sense of independence that for some people is very important. Importantly, also the fact that living in OFF-Grid conditions, the consumer begins to understand the real cost of electricity more clearly, his lifestyle changes, the human becomes closer to nature and “closer to the Sun”.

The main drawback of such systems is their relative high cost, the need for periodic replacement of batteries and their maintenance, and the most important disadvantage is the inability to use this type of systems in the northern latitudes in winter. A few consecutive cloudy days will lead to a complete discharge of batteries.

Equipment for Off-Grid Systems are:

  • Solar panels
  • Battery Charge Controller
  • Rechargeable batteries
  • Off-Grid Inverter
  • Diesel generator (optional) or network availability.

Turnkey solutions for Off-Grid PV power station