The Uruguayan state agency Instituto Antarctico Uruguay (IAU), in a collaboration with ABB Uruguay Utility and the Ministry of Industry, Energy and Mining (MIEM), decided to direct forces to install solar panels in Antarctica. According to researchers, the project should reduce dependence on fossil fuels and open new horizons in safe electric production, becoming one of the systems to neutralize carbon emissions by 2050.

About the future of installation: main tasks and characteristics

The project aims to facilitate the most important studies of climate change, as well as to strengthen the use of solar photovoltaic systems based on “Artigas” – for the further use of renewable energy instead of autonomous diesel generators.


  • The ABB solution will include a UNO-DM-6.0-TL solar inverter (6 kW at 230 V).
  • Connection to the ABB Aurora Vision Plant Management portal will be through the built-in WI-FI interface of the converter.

According to Diego Giacosa, UTE engineer: “This is a very complex project, the implementation of which was possible only in case of hard teamwork. Information obtained from the management platform allowed us to track and diagnose problems before they occur, which increased the productivity of managing resources and staff. We were pleased with the results. We believe that solar energy is a reliable fuel choice to help achieve zero carbon emissions. ”

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