China is the largest solar energy market. Here, about 70% of all solar modules on the planet are produced. In 2017, China has secured more than half of the global growth of solar power, recording 53 GW of solar energy in one year. We periodically publish the ratings of the largest solar panel manufacturers. And what companies are the largest suppliers in the global market, without considering Chinese companies?

The PV-tech edition publishes a list of 12 companies in alphabetical order. Here, the Chinese supremacy is somewhat discreet. The list includes two American companies – First Solar and SunPower, two Korean companies – LG Electronics and Hanwha Q-CELLS and one partly European company – REC Solar (production has been moved to Asia). According to PV-tech these companies, each of which produces more than 1 GW annually, will have about two-thirds of the world’s solar energy market (besides China) in 2018. Another three companies are Neo Solar Power (Taiwan), Shungfeng (China) and Talesun (China).

Source: Here.