All investors that build solar plants, both for industrial and domestic use, will receive state subsidy at a rate of 30% of their installation expense.
On January 1, 2018 all those who have decided to install solar panels will be compensated at the rate of 30% by Swedish budget regardless of whether they are private individuals or business beneficiaries. These funds will be available until 2020. From the state budget up to 90 million euros is envisaged.
It has been working to support investors in solar energy in Sweden since January 2015. According to the old rules, the government paid only 30% of the cost to the business that placed solar panels. State support for private persons was 20%. 
“Many people want to recover renewable energy sources by 100% and we want to help them. It will be more profitable, and transition to solar panels to “green energy” will be easier”, said Per Bullun, the Deputy Finance Minister.
According to forecasts, the share of solar cells in energy production can be 16% in 2035 in Sweden.
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