The new technology of solar energy conversion, developed by Hanergy chinese company, set three world records in the field of solar panel production of efficiency coefficient. The new technology will produce drones, vehicles and digital devices which work on solar panels.

Three types of panels produced by Hanergy’s subsidiary companies – Alta Devices, Solibro and MiaSole set a world record of energy efficiency. This is a homogeneous solar module (GaAs), double-glazed solar module  (CIGS), and CIGS flexible synthetic solar module  having  record-breaking efficiency of 25.1%, 18.72% and 17.88%.

According to company representatives, the possibilities of application are “endless” because technology can be used in almost all innovative areas. As it was mentioned above, the company also launched a drone that works on solar panels. Without recharging it can stay in the air for 6-10 hours while the Li-Ion batteries are operated at just one and two hours.

It is expected that China’s solar park market will increase to $ 15.1 billion over the next three years and will be an additional impetus for China’s economic growth.

Source: here.