GTM Research, a global market dynamics researcher, has recently published the results of research on renewable energy development in the world. In particular, it is noted that the demand for renewable energy sources in Europe has increased by about 35% in 2018, with more interest in Spain and the Netherlands. These countries are planning to implement the largest number of projects in the next two years. Spain plans to implement projects with a total capacity of up to 1.4 GW and the Netherlands – at 1 GW. It should be noted that Germany and France will reach such as results  by the end of this year.

Latin America plans to double its renewable energy production twice this year. After all, Brazil and Mexico have done tremendous work in this direction in recent years. According to researchers, Mexico will become the main solar energy leader in the region over the next five years.

South America, Australia and Egypt are not inferior with their progress. These countries are planning to deliver their capacities up to 1 GW and will be up to 2018. According to research, in 2017-2022, about 606 GW of energy will be produced in the world due to solar energy. And the complete transformation of renewable energy sources will take place by 2050.

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