Solar Energy in Germany continues to get new heights. This time, the fact of the installation of 100,000th household energy saving system in Germany has been confirmed. Thus, solar energy becomes even more “popular”. Frequently, German citizens acquire solar panels with powerful home-made batteries that they have the power to accumulate energy. According to this, the share of own electricity increases in use. Moreover, such a system allows optimizing product and energy utilization threshold.

Experts note that Germany’s home accumulators market increases by 100% every 1.5-2 years. Therefore, already in 2020, analysts expect the growth of home accumulators up to 200,000 units. It is noted that a serious increase in the installation of batteries was recorded in China. Experts anticipate that by 2018 the total capacity of the power generation systems will be 800 MHz and will grow at a rapid pace.

Source: Here.