A power purchase agreement has been obtained by French renewable energy developer Valorem for a 5 MW agrivoltaic project it is building in the Dordogne department in southwestern France.

The Tour-Blanche solar facility will sell power to the renewable electricity provider, Enercoop, over a 30-year term beginning in the summer of 2021. Valorem opened up the project capital to Enercoop and local energy business SEM 24 Périgord Energies, which gained 2% and 37% respectively, to incorporate local players. SEM 24 is a Dordogne-based semi-public energy corporation that invests in renewable energy projects that promote the energy transition.

The project was funded by Dutch lender Bank Triodos, which focuses on sustainable and ethical banking operations, through senior bank debt and a VAT bridging loan for a total debt of EUR 3,5 million.

With the help of the Chamber of Agriculture, the project is being built, which is said to give a second life to land that is not very valuable due to its low agronomic potential. In a few months, it is expected to begin commercial operations and has been planned to allow sheep grazing. On December 18, Valorem also signed an agreement with a young breeding couple to allow them to develop their pastoral activity within the park itself.

Thus, a fenced, protected, shaded and paid area would support them.

A similar project at Lassicourt park in Aube has already been successfully introduced by Valorem, the company said.

In France, Agrivoltaic is seeing strong growth, notably through tenders for creative PV projects. The French Energy Regulatory Commission (CRE) allocated approximately 80 MW of agri-Voltaics in the latest round, finalized last week. However, outside of France’s tender scheme for solar, the Tour-Blanche solar farm is being built.

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