While there are already methods to prevent the installation of PV on agricultural property, such as agri-voltaics, the biggest problem is to make it available to farmers.

This is what Sun’Agri, a France-based supplier of dynamic agri-voltaic technologies to improve agricultural yields, and RGreen Invest, an independent French green energy grid management firm, have agreed to introduce through an initiative called “Cultivons Demain!” (Tomorrow, let us grow crops!)

The two bodies call on all parties, public and private, concerned about adapting agriculture to climate change, to join Cultivons Demain! in a joint press release. Fresh technical innovations to sell. Their goal is to develop 300 agri-voltaic farms in France with creative technologies that will allow agricultural yields to be increased over 1,500 to 2,000 hectares.

Thanks to the facilities built and the technologies they implement, these farms will be able to achieve water savings of about 20% and maximize the growth of crops that are safe from climate hazards.

To open Cultivons Demain! financing! RGreen Invest has developed a dedicated funding structure called Râcine (Root) for different investors. To date, RGreen Invest has committed to providing EUR 50 million in equity to project leaders through its Infragreen IV fund, in which the European Investment Bank (EIB) has only invested EUR 75 million. This donation would allow €200 million to be collected.

The project, inspired by farmers who are persuaded that their crops need to be modified, mobilizes the French agricultural ecosystem: farmers, banks, insurance agencies, cities, agribusinesses and Chambers of Agriculture. Demain’s Cultivons! The EIB and BPI France also have financial assistance.

Both supporters esteem Demain! The Cultivons! Charter of Sun’Agri and Râcines, which is dedicated to those ideals. In specific, project management has an agronomic purpose, as agricultural development takes precedence over the output of energy. For the farmer, the creation of control plots, the reversibility of the installed systems or the assessment by impartial third parties of the results to be made public are both necessary assurances.

Infragreen IV is an EIB-supported fund specialized in funding energy transformation and climate change adaptation, accredited ‘Greenfin Label France Finance Verte’ (Greenfin Green Finance France Label).

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