It’s a sensation that we’ve all felt, floating peacefully on the surface of the ocean with the sun warming our skin and colouring our coral eyelids. Yet at that very moment who among us hasn’t thought: “This is great, but it would be much better if I had a villa.”

Okay, Australian architect, Chuck Anderson heard what the people want and designed the Lilypad, a floating solar-powered villa bobbing just off Palm Beach in Sydney.

The Lilypad is solar powered by 100 per cent – a design feature targeted from day one.


“Growing up on the Northern Beaches of Sydney and spending a lot of my time around boats, I had a dream of making something very special that people now can enjoy as their own,” Anderson told Euronews. “The term ‘self-sufficient’ certainly gives new meaning to Lilypad Palm Beach.”

“No doubt Lilypad is one-of-a-kind,” Anderson said to Design Files. “Completely solar-powered, it does not have on-board fuels, and luxury and work are not one bit compromised.”

“Zero fossil fuels-solar at 100 per cent.

Zero noise-luxury at 100 per cent.


The goal from day one was designing and engineering Lilypad to work together with the world in which it resides while never losing luxuries. The only noises that you’ll hear are the noises of wind, water and animals-no turbines or engines here.

Years of progress from our expert design/engineering team, as well as developments in both battery and solar technology, have made Lilypad what she is the today-a world first from what we understand”.

With overnight stays, the Lilypad is ready for you, it costs AUD$1,850 and solar-powered comfort is yours, all-inclusive, including peace of mind.

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