For the first time in Armenia a new automated robotized production line at SolarOn factory.

SolarOn replenished with an automated robotized Italian production line being the first one in Armenia.
“SolarOn” is the first Solar Panel manufacturer in Armenia. Being a leader and having a tendency to upgrade the equipment and make the solar panel production process more advanced, the company has acquired a modern and innovative line produced by the Italian company “Ecoprogetti”. This line allows full atomization of the manufacturing process and increasing production capacity. “Ecoprogetti” is an internationally recognized company being among the 5 leading solar photovoltaic manufacturing companies in the world due to its high quality products. In March, specialists from “Ecoprogetti” arrived at “SolarOn” factory to install, test and operate the latest equipment. They introduced all the function and production capabilities of the equipment to the employees. The specialists also conducted training sessions with “SolarOn” workers.
This equipment combines several operations thus minimizing human intervention. The main characteristics of the line are as follows:
• patented hybrid welding technology,
• the most compact footprint on the market,
• work with PERC, HJT, BI-FACIAL, MONO and POLY cells
• 4 axis robot for a precise pick&place
• low maintenance operations required
• 5BB and 6BB standard welding,
• Work with 156X15mm and 156.75X156.75mm cells
• Improved welding without thermal and mechanical stress for cells, which reduces the breakage limit to less than 0.2%. The system also includes an automatic testing system “Ecolab EL”, which is a completely new approach to electroluminescence testing. It enables full control over the production quality before and after lamination. This machine permits to perform a deep extensive control of the production, permitting continuously to monitorize and improve the process based on the raw materials. Hence, the new line enables to reach annual production capacity of “SolarOn” to more than 60 megawatts. SolarOn from now will be 60 megabatt.