Akuo Energy is building the Europe’s largest floating solar power plant with a capacity of 17 MW in France’s southwestern Provence-Alpes-Cote d’Azur district. Solar modules are supplied by the Chinese company – Trina Solar. For this project, that is called Omega 1, have been selected the TSM-DEG14.20 (II) double-glazed single-layer PERC modules that provides a strong protection against the targeted moisture. In addition, they are solar panels with the so-called “low carbon footprint”. It was a prerequisite for the competition held by the French party CRE4.1, on the basis of which the project was selected. Floating structures fitted with solar modules are supplied by French Ciel & Terre.

Floating solar power plants are becoming more common, especially in the conditions of high population density and deficit of free land zones. Remind that last year  40 MW floating photovoltaic power plant was opened in China, and in Indonesia it is being planned to build similar power plants with the capacity of 200 MW.

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