Cloud computing solutions for solar energy are no longer new. The excess electricity generated by the solar electric power plant, which can not be consumed and “not moved” by the engine, is not sold to the network, but is transferred to the cloud store.

The German energy company E.ON has been offering a solution for “Solar Cloud” for a year now. At first, all the cloud products in the market were supposed to use energy storage devices. Today, E.ON offers consumers a new solution. The company allows its customers to keep electricity on Solar Cloud without the use of batteries.

“Stored” electricity will be maintained on a special virtual account. Moreover, that electricity can be used not only at home, but also in “other places”.

“Customers spare the drive and installation, as well as the costs of charging. First of all, they have the power to keep energy in the winter and provide 100% solar energy from their own photovoltaic system”, E.ON confirms.

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