Studio Solarix, a Dutch start-up, has built a new line of coloured facade solar panels for building materials such as brick, composite wood, and aluminium.

Depending on the scale and colour of the components, the Dot panel series features an efficiency of 13.8 per cent and power outputs varying from 110 W to 180 W. With dimensions of 156.75 mm by 156.7 mm the panels sport 6-inch monocrystalline solar cells.

The length of the frameless modules ranges from 37.2 cm to 185 cm, with widths from 34.7 cm to 120 cm. 22.5 kg per square meter is their weight. The front cover is made of 4 mm thick tempered low-iron glass, while the rear may be covered with the same thickness of tempered black enamelled glass or with a back layer.

Junction boxes with dimensions of 60 mm by 60 by 11.5 mm are also included on the panels. Aluminium mounting structures applied to facades may be fixed or glued onto them. The items are coloured with ceramic ink, which can guarantee a long-lasting and profound colour experience, the manufacturer said. The panels are available in blue, green, red and grey in varying shades.

“We currently produce in Europe, but we could also produce panels somewhere else with licensed partners soon,” said Reinier Bosch, co-founder of the group, to PV magazine. We are now identifying collaborators, and we are still focusing on how more effective solar cells can be combined or how circular panels can be constructed. Unrevealed factories based in the Netherlands and Lithuania supply the solar cells used in the panels.

A typical panel costs around EUR 270 per m2, although it is possible to purchase the most advanced items for around EUR 700, including LEDs and sensors that track noise, light, pollution, and heat. “But these prices are only indicative because, depending on the customer’s need or the size of the planned solar facade, each project has different features,” Bosch said.

In a 400 m2 project, as well as two other implementations, developers have already used the panels. “We are currently working on another 10 projects that are due to be implemented this year and next,” Bosch said.

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