The European Parliament will use measures to ensure the EU’s clean energy. In 2030 more than one third of the consumed energy will reach solar and wind power plants. Previously it was planned that renewable sources could account for only a quarter of EU energy consumption. However, the decision of European legislators has no legal effect. Parliamentarians are still negotiating with governments in separate countries that can try to reduce that burden.

In addition, the EU sets short-term goals. Clean energy should ensure 20% of total energy consumption in 2020. Now it is 17%. Of course, this is an average figure, in some countries renewable sources start to prevail. Thus, in Sweden, they provide over 50% of total energy consumption, 40% in Finland, and in Germany for the next 10 years, aggressively passes to clean energy. Other countries, such as the United Kingdom and the Netherlands, are still behind. Among other things, the European Parliament wants to legally support the need to increase the energy efficiency of buildings by up to 35% after 2021.

Source: here.