In Armenia, traditional energy will be changed to an alternative. This task was set by the government. There is everything for its implementation: more than 300 sunny days a year and our production of special panels. Now, alternative energy can not only be produced but also sold.

Grigory Saginyan does not pay for electricity. On the roof of the house, he installed solar panels which produce so much energy for his own needs, and even for sale.

“In summer much energy for a month is worked out in four days. Additional energy is sold – 1 kilowatt for 45 cents,” said Grigory Sagiyan, the owner of the power plant.

Armenia produces solar panels itself. Solar cells and modules are imported. After checking the quality, specialists begin working. The most popular model consists of 72 single-crystal cells. The more panels in the solar station, the more electricity you can get.


“The solar panel is safe: it consists of glass, an electrical circuit, solar cells etc. All this is necessary to protect against wind, rain and hail,” said Arthur Asoyan, an employee of the solar panel factory.

The plant produces eight types of solar panels. Power also depends on the size. Last year, equipment was manufactured that could generate 10 megawatts. In 2019, the volume of the enterprise will increase five times.

A small solar station with a capacity of three kilowatts will fully provide electricity to a family of four. It costs three thousand dollars. You can buy it on favourable terms. Manufacturers together with Armenian banks offer to issue a loan or leasing. “Energy of the sun” will pay for itself in five years.

“We are developing a program for the joint development of the solar energy market with the largest bank in Armenia. We want to ensure that in general, it’s enough for a person to just want, and they will bring and put a solar station to him, and he will start to pay for it from the first day. This means that there will be a switch to solar energy,” said the founder of the company for the production of solar panels, Arthur Alaverdyan.

So far, alternative power plants in Armenia generate only 1% of energy. More than ten families and four enterprises in Gyumri, Spitak and Yerevan installed solar panels. Experts are sure: the situation will change soon. Indeed, in Yerevan, there are 300 sunny days a year.

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