Armenia starts to launch a new solar energy map in 2019. The Deputy Minister of Energy Infrastructures and Natural Resources Hakob Vardanyan told Sputnik Armenia’s correspondent that the World Bank had already approved the government’s grant application.

A few years ago a solar energy map was made in Armenia with the help of  the World Bank. It describes how strong the Sun radiation is in the regions of the country. Knowing about it, you can calculate the power of the future power plant. “Now we will compile this map. So far, the map lists the prospective points of the power plants, and we will add information on the distance from these points to the power lines and what tension they have. That is, we will create almost ready technical conditions for the power plants”, – said Vardanyan. The program will start in 2019 and will last for several years. The World Bank will allocate $4 million for this purpose.

It should be reminded that the construction of 10 solar power plants in Armenia has already begun.

Արևային կայան
In July, 2018, the Ministry of Energy signed an agreement to support the construction of a larger power plant – Masrik-1 power plant with 55 MW. The construction of the power plant will be carried out by the Dutch-Spanish consortium. At the international tender they offered the lowest price for the Armenian electricity networks – just 4.2 cents per kWh (about 20 drams). Besides, there are already dozens of auto producers in the republic with up to 150 kW. These are households and small businesses that place solar panels for their own needs. However, solar plants make up only 0.007% of Armenia’s electricity generation (about 540,000 kWh in 2017).
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