Apple has announced that its data centre in Viborg, Denmark, is now operated by a 50 MW solar project under a long-term deal to buy electricity. The array was designed by Danish developer European Energy which was sold to the LHI Group in Germany in early August.

European Energy said the project signed a long-term PPA with an undisclosed buyer at the time, but it did not provide any further information about the contract. The solar park features bifacial panels and is currently Denmark’s largest unsubsidized photovoltaic factory.

The country already has many subsidy-free solar facilities under construction including a 400 MW project near Nissum Fjord and a 200 MW plant in the municipality of Holstebro.

Apple said a wind farm that European Energy is building in Esbjerg, on the western coast of the Jutland Peninsula, will also fuel the data centre. In April 2019, following a disagreement over the contractor’s missed deadlines, the construction of the data centre was halted, local media outlets announced.

Apple announced plans for operating its global operations with 100 % renewable energy in 2018. The strategy includes 43 countries’ activities, including retail stores, offices, data centres and other services.

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