The Central Arizona Project, as a water management company in Arizona, decided to sign an agreement for the purchase of solar energy at a price of 2,499 cents per kilowatt hour, starting December 31, 2020. Up to date, this is the lowest price in solar energy, recorded in the States. The electricity will be supplied by a 30 MW solar power plant under construction by AZ Solar 1. The average annual supply is 85300 MWh, or about 14% of the electricity consumed by the Agency. It should be emphasized that the price is fixed for the entire 20-year term of   agreement which does not contain the “inflation correction”. It is noteworthy that the main current supplier of electricity (70-75%) for the Central Arizona Project, the coal power plant Navajo Generating Station, sells electricity more than five cents per kilowatt-hour. This object is planned to be closed in 2019.

Source: Here.