Following the successful launch of a 87.5 kW solar power plant, the Sprague Resources American oil and gas company decided to product solar panels on oil storage tanks. The American giant has even created a special web page that refers to “solar panels” that are aimed at “reducing the negative impact on the environment.” Since 1870, Sprague has been involved in oil refining, storage and sale of petroleum products.

Today, it has also begun to engage in solar energy-driven ecological and economic stability. For this purpose, Spraque has begun collaborating with the Boston company “Picktricity”, specialized in the installation of flexible self-adhesive thin solar modules. Such systems are quite efficient and suitable for similar objects as they are not heavy and capable of self-adhering to flat surfaces. “Sprague is happy to develop cooperation in the field of renewable energy sources,” said David Glendon, the President and CEO of the Company, adding, “Flexible solar panels are the best way to stabilize our aspirations”.

Spraque’s example emphasizes the high potential of solar energy. It can actually work anywhere. generating systems can be integrated into any actual surface dimensions.

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