About Us


Profpanel LLC was founded in 2012, but started its activities in the production of solar panels in 2016. Our company is the first manufacturer of solar panels in Armenia, which annual production capacity reaches about 60 megawatt.
Brand ‘’Solaron’’ is a registered trademark for products manufactured by Profpanel. In Profpanel Company merged team of highly qualified professionals with many years of experience in business organization from scratch.
We believe that renewable energy resources can improve the quality of our lives and promote sustainable development in our country. Renewable energy systems are practical, reliable, productive for people and for the environment.

Our manufacturing process corresponds to the international standards, which allows us to adapt to customer requirements by offering high-quality products. The assortment consists of monocrystalline, polycrystalline and perc type modules that stand out for their quality, reliability and warranty.
Profpanel LLC provides services to individuals and legal entities, as well as ready to cooperate with those companies who are engaged in the installation of solar panels. Moreover, the company intends to create dealer network in Armenia consisting of startup companies, specialized in the installation and connection of solar panels.


Profpanel LLC with the trademark Solaron intends to become the first Armenian company of mass production of photovoltaic solar panels. In this project, we have established long-term partnerships with organizations and with research centers in the EU and in China


Public Access

The production of solar panels affordable to the general public

Power Save System

The creating of a distributed power save system in Armenia by involving the general public in the process of electricity production

The idea of solar

The popularization of  the idea of solar energy in Armenia

Competence center

The formation of competence center in the field of photovoltaic in Armenia
In general, we believe that implementation of this program can contribute to the energy independence of Armenia and will give a good impetus to the involvement of the country’s scientific staff in the rapidly developing field of science – photovoltaic.

Our Services

Design and calculation of solar Systems

The important guarantees for the effective implementation of solar systems are accurate calculation and the preparation of projects. Our team of highly qualified professionals is ready to assist you in designing your solar plants. All these are made according to the customer’s individual needs, after analyzing its characteristics and as a result the most beneficial solution is selected.

The installation and operation of solar systems

Based on personal experience and the experience of our partners, we provide high-quality support for all stages of installation and operation of solar system. All these happen in a short time by highly qualified professionals. If necessary, our engineers can visit the destination where the system will be installed to ensure that all the equipments and component elements installed and operating ideally to be sure that the customer is fully satisfied with the final outcome and the system has been running smoothly.


The company provides ten- year warranty for the produced panels, which have a lifetime of 25 years. Over 10 years, we are ready to replace them with completely new ones, if the loss exceeds the accepted standard.

Advisory Services

We are always ready to assist our customers, to provide with required information and advice on our products and the production, serving not only before the sale, but also after the sale. Please send us your questions and we will offer you the best solution.

Organizing trainings

We organize training courses for our partners on trends in renewable energy, solar energy, and improvement of technical processes and so on, adapting the course content to the needs of the specific target group. The course is not limited with provision of theoretical materials, practical work is also included. The training is organized by professional experts, if necessary involving specialists.

Providing information on funding sources

Profpanel LLC closely works with financial institutions and banks operating in Armenia. Our financial experts have developed and offer a range of tools to reduce customers’ capital expenditures, expenses through the use of effective leasing schemes with a competitive interest rate, and we will find the most efficient solution for your project.

Our Factory


Our equipment and production cycle

‘’Stringer” – installation performing automatic

soldering of the solar cells in successive chain

(“string”) of the required length.

Workstation for stacking and interconnecting of ready-made strings and forming     a “sandwich” consisting of tempered glass, preformed sealing film (EVA), photovoltaic converters (cells), the second layer of EVA and the substrate (Tedlar, TPT). Exactly at this stage the internal circuitry of the future solar panels, its operating voltage and current.
EL- tester is for testing cells before and after lamination for the presence of cracks and other damages, invisible to the naked eye. The assembled panel work piece is placed on the working surface and a constant pressure is applied to it, the current flowing through the circuit causes an infrared radiation. The uniformity of the radiation suggests good quality of the panel. If the radiation is uneven, the tester built-in camera captures defective area. This equipment is, strictly speaking, not mandatory, but we adhere to strict quality standards and are supporters of the use of this tester twice in the production cycle- before and after lamination of each panel.
After passing by the EL tester “sandwich” of the photovoltaic cells, glass and the sealing film enters the automatic laminating machine where they pass sealing at high temperature and high pressure.
Obtained in the previous step, “laminate” is already able to generate electric current under the influence of solar radiation, but it still needs to be stiffened, that is done with the help of an aluminum frame on the panel perimeter. The frame is installed by a pneumatic framing machine.
Solar Simulator, IV-tester. Installation checking the operating characteristics of the ready-made solar panel: short-circuit current and open circuit voltage. The working surface of 2000x1100mm, the intensity of the radiation 1,5AM (1000 W / m²).

Modern technologies of production of solar panels

The stages of production of  cell-based PV modules

Photovoltaic cells (solar cells) are the basis for production of photovoltaic modules. The production of cell process begins with the production of high-quality silicon out of sand. For use in photovoltaic modules, silicon purity should be> 5N (99.999%) – this is the so-called “Solar silicon”. This process is very energy intensive, and for every ton of pure silicon is four tons of waste. Further, in the next step silicon bar is made of the silicon raw material. In the case of single-crystal silicon it is cultivated from the seed material and purified by periodic melting and subsequent crystallization (Czochralski’s method). In the case of polycrystalline bar, molten silicon is poured into a rectangular mold and solidifies. Thus, the polycrystalline silicon bar consists of individual disordered single-crystals. In both cases, a small amount of boron atoms are added in the bars, that gives the silicon features of p-type semiconductor. Subsequently, the bars are cut into plates, called “wafers» (wafers).

And from the “wafers”hotovoltaic (or solar) cells (solar cell) are produced by implementation of a certain amount of phosphorus atoms at high temperature to form a p-n transition and metallization (implementation of current-deducing silver contacts). Solar cells are produced on automated production lines, tested, sorted and packed according to their current-voltage characteristics. Finally, at the last stage photovoltaic panels are assembled out of ready-made cells (this step is grayed out in the draft). Exactly this production process is essential for us. In the first stage we will carry on the assembly of the modules on semi-automatic production line, which can easily be upgraded to a fully automatic line. Line productivity of 6 MW panels per year (24,000 panels of 250 watts), while working in one shift. In the production of modules, we are going to use only proven monocrystalline and polycrystalline cells of A class (Grade – A).


A separate direction of ​​the activity of the company Profpanel is BIPV (building integrated photovoltaics) – solar panels integrated into the architecture of the building. In BIPV, PV modules are components of the building materials, an integral part of the building structure and, at the same time, part of the overall architectural image of the building. This innovative sector of the construction industry requires the joint creative work of architects, planners, designers, engineers and manufacturers of photovoltaic modules.

The result of this cooperation is not only to ensure the optimum collection of solar energy, but also to achieve the required physical and technical characteristics of the enclosing structures with implementation of photovoltaic modules: thermal conductivity, sound insulation, waterproofing, mechanical durability, etc.

The company has developed and implemented a number of projects using BIPV frameless PV modules and innovative insulation PIRPLITA, as well as using the facade and roof sandwich panels of metal shell with insulation PIR.

Our Recent Projects