Within the frameworks of  “Hayastan” All-Armenian Foundation rural development programs, “Qadjna Tavush” Foundation implemented a solar energy project in Tavush region of RA. The first beneficiary community was Khashtarak, where 50 families were provided with hot water (300 L), as well as community-purpose buildings, the school, kindergarten, health post, community council. In 2018, the next beneficiary community was Lusadzor, where 10 solar water heaters were installed. Taking into account the effectiveness of this program, it is envisaged to continue it in 2019 but in beneficiary communities. 171 families will start using solar energy.

This is a fact that our country’s solar energy development should have a strategic importance and priority, for which SolarOn within the frameworks of its capabilities implements for the development and future of our country, society and state.

Source: here.