PV-Tech presented a report  that 2018 solar energy will increase its capacity by 100 GW. It is expected that in 2018 there will be new solar power plants and solar panels with a capacity of 100 GW while in 2017 there was a capacity of 90 GW.

The underestimation of reporting is associated with a large number of smaller players in the market with a capacity of no more than 1 GW per year. Additionally it is difficult to ignore the construction of new solar power units in China. PV-Tech has presented over 50 leading solar panel manufacturers that make up 90% of the market. They help to make more realistic predictions. On the background of the rapid growth of solar panels a question arises: Is the main reason for it being pure and high-quality electricity?

Currently, many of the leading PV-modules suppliers have to act quickly, so it is important to have strict quality control procedures implemented.

Source: here.